Behind the Frame with John Dolan

In this episode of the Behind the Frame podcast, I had the pleasure of chatting with the esteemed photographer, John Dolan. John’s career spans over 30 years, working in advertising, editorial, and wedding photography.

We delved into the fascinating world of luxury wedding photography throughout the decades, exploring the delicate balance between art and commerce. John shared his journey into shooting wedding photography, highlighting the importance of finding one’s unique artistic voice in a competitive industry. We discussed the differences in our styles and approaches and being a collector vs a director of moments.

Throughout our conversation, John’s wisdom and expertise shone through as he discussed the challenges and rewards of photographing weddings. We explored the art of creating commissioned work while staying true to one’s artistic vision, a delicate balance that John has mastered over the years.

One of the standout moments we discussed was John’s iconic photograph of Naomi Biden at the White House, capturing a poignant and emotional image moments before she walked down the aisle. John’s meticulous preparation and keen eye for transitions and light played a crucial role in creating the powerful image, showcasing the depth and thoughtfulness behind every frame.

As we wrapped up our conversation, I was inspired by John’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to elevating the genre of wedding photography. Join us on this enlightening journey into the world of luxury wedding photography with John Dolan, where artistry meets commerce, and every frame tells a unique story.

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Follow John on Instagram here to keep up with his work and for more news on the release of the next edition of his incredible book, The Perfect Imperfect.  

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Photos from the Women’s March in Honor of International Women’s Day

I am no longer accepting the things I can not change.  I am changing the things I can not accept.


Wedding Season

It is the height of wedding season and I have been zigzagging all over the East and West Coast working the most amazing clients on the most beautiful weddings that I can’t wait to share with you all! They’re all tied up waiting at publications right now so I haven’t had any new photos to share for a little bit, but here are a couple little previews of whats coming soon!

These two (pictured at their e-session) said I do in the most beautiful ceremony in NJ in June and just wait till you see her jaw-droppingly gorgeous gown and flowers!

These two said I do at a lovely private estate in PA and the photos are coming soon to BRIDES!
I made a stop in Michigan to photograph the sweetest couple on this gorgeous lake.
And was back in my favorite little town on the East Coast- Hudson to photograph these two walk down the aisle.  More coming from this wedding to the Winter 2016 Issue of Trendy Bride Magazine!
Then these two tied on the knot in Westchester on a beautiful sunny day!

And these two (pictured at their e-session) just made it official in San Diego and I’m anxiously awaiting the film!
It’s been a crazy and exciting summer and I can’t wait till I can share with you all the images from it so stay tuned and be sure to check in with my IG for daily updates!