When I was 10-years-old my family took a 6-week trip across Europe.  I was given my very own camera for the first time and after filling an entire suitcase with film I knew I was hooked forever.

I studied photojournalism and aesthetic philosophy at NYU, where I focused on photography’s ability to mold the way we see the world.

I shoot reportage style, looking for great light and beautiful authentic moments.  I also studied fashion photography, working in Avedon’s archive, and I use my knowledge of fashion photography to art direct when needed.  But my real passion lies in story telling, and there’s no story I love telling more than a love story.  After graduating from NYU and circling the globe (documenting endangered species along the way) I made my way back to New York and started shooting lifestyle and wedding photography.  I was instantly hooked on creating beautiful photographs that were meaningful to my clients.

I love what I do and I will strive to create photographs you love as much as I do.  No stiff photos here.  Whether it’s your wedding day or a family session in the park I want us laughing our way through the whole day.

When I’m not busy photographing in New York I am traveling the world- 40 countries and counting- documenting causes I’m passionate about like conservation and child protection and rights.  You can follow along with my photography and travels right here on my blog.