August 29, 2012

New York City Family Photography

I absolutely loved spending the afternoon with the beautiful G family meeting tiny baby H who was only two and half weeks old!  I absolutely love doing lifestyle shoots where I have the opportunity to capture real moments and memories that can become part of a family’s history.  As I’ve said before there’s nothing I hate more than the dreaded couch portrait of everyone stiffly lined up on the couch with fake smiles and usually crying or unhappy children!   So when I get to work with a family as cool as this one and capture beautiful moments of connection and the energy of the family I simply adore it! 


RYALE_NYC_FamilyPhotography_13 RYALE_NYC_FamilyPhotography_16


August 22, 2012

Costa Rica in Pictures

Costa Rica was a little different than most of my other travels because my focus was on people not wildlife.  In the last four posts I’ve shared my videos about the program with lots of footage and photographs of the students and our project.  However we did get the opportunity to see a little wildlife so I thought I’d share with you some of my favorite images from that.  At the hotel we stayed in at the beach there was a wonderful group of squirrel monkeys who were accustomed to humans and played in the trees for a good 20 minutes right next to me and another student- definitely my favorite moment of the trip and one of my favorite monkey encounters ever!

RYALE_Costa Rica_7
RYALE_Costa Rica_6
RYALE_Costa Rica_9
RYALE_Costa Rica_5
RYALE_Costa Rica_8
RYALE_Costa Rica_1
RYALE_Costa Rica_2

RYALE_Costa Rica_3

RYALE_Costa Rica_4
RYALE_Costa Rica_11
RYALE_Costa Rica_10