May 31, 2012

New York City Children’s Photography, Look Book in Tribeca

I had the opportunity again to photograph another Look Book for Aminah et Les Amis.  Aminah et Les Amis is an incredibly chic and trendy children’s store in Tribeca with a very well curated selection of clothes for children of all ages from babies to pre-teens.  For the look book this year we embraced the interesting architecture of the store’s Tribeca neighborhood and had a wonderful shoot on the city streets!  The store’s website is coming soon, but you can check out the store anytime on Warren and West Broadway.

RYALE_Childrens_Fashion_Photography-2 RYALE_Childrens_Fashion_Photography-1


RYALE_Childrens_Fashion_Photography-7 RYALE_Childrens_Fashion_Photography-6
RYALE_Childrens_Fashion_Photography-8 RYALE_Childrens_Fashion_Photography-9
RYALE_Childrens_Fashion_Photography-10 RYALE_Childrens_Fashion_Photography-11
RYALE_Childrens_Fashion_Photography-12 RYALE_Childrens_Fashion_Photography-13
RYALE_Childrens_Fashion_Photography-14 RYALE_Childrens_Fashion_Photography-15