Jambo from Kenya! The &Beyond Bateleur Lodge

  1. William says:

    "You can not off-road in most parts of the park for the protection of the animals, but the drivers will occasionally do it when the park rangers aren't watching as long as they still keep a safe distance from the animals."This is very disappointing after all our efforts to protect the area.

  2. Rebecca Yale says:

    Yes I was pretty shocked by the behavior. As I mentioned &Beyond was adherent to the rules and were very responsible regarding conservation efforts, which I was very pleased by. In general I was very impressed by the security and care of the park. We went to the Serengeti after the Mara and were shocked to see the fires lit by poachers scattered around the park. I will post soon about the experience, it was quite a contrast to the well-watched over Mara.

  3. ChiefExec says:

    Rebecca I can confirm from just looking at your pictures posted here that it was worth lugging around that big lens. We enjoyed meeting you and your parents. Enjoy your time in Africa. Kind Regards, Martin and Lenka

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