April 25, 2010


Colloquium passed!
Final Papers Done!
Nothing left but to graduate!

Packing up my apartment this weekend and moving about 20 blocks downtown to wonderful Tribeca! Posts have been slow during studying, but now I am done and I will be sure to post about the move downtown and then the great preparations for my trip! 3 continents, 7 countries, 17+ flights, all in 5 months. I will be sure to keep you all updated about the planning, hotels, visas and everything else!

Now go properly enjoy Spring!
East Green, Central Park, April 2010
And don’t forget to check out my new book!

April 17, 2010

Bronx Botanical Gardens Orchid Show 2010

On Sunday I took a much needed break from end of the year studying to hit up the last day of the Bronx Botanical Garden’s Orchid Show.  I went last year as well, and both times I found it really beautiful.  Unfortunately I can’t tell you all to go out and see it as it has ended, but definitely take the time to go next year, and a BIG tip, do not go the last day!  When I went last year it was not at all crowded and quite pleasant, this year the park grounds weren’t too busy, but the show itself was so packed my friend and I could hardly enjoy it and felt more like sheep getting herded along through the show, not fun!  The flowers are beautiful and well worth the schlep to the Bronx, and even now that the show is closed the park itself is worth a trip to!  We saw an adorable little bunny rabbit, an even cuter chipmunk, tons of birds, including a Robin on her nest!  This is the perfect time of year to go the cherry blossoms are in full bloom, there’s about one week left so I suggest this weekend will a good time to go!

And as for the people, we had a cool celebrity spotting, Katie Holmes was there with the ever adorable Suri Cruise (Tom was not there).  But Katie was very cool and normal just hanging out on the great lawn outside the Orchid Show with a friend while Suri and other adorable children ran around the lawn.  There was a slightly ominous body guard lurking in the background, but nothing obtrusive, it was really nice to see a family that gets such crazy paparazzi invasions having a nice day at the park, so I didn’t take any photos of them out of respect, so none to share with you.  Although adorable Suri did run into one of my frames of the Orchid Pavilion and can be seen in her little blue dress.

RYALE_Orchid_Show_201022 RYALE_Orchid_Show_201010