September 30, 2009


It is starting to get mighty chilly in New York so here is some sun images to bring back the warmth.




September 29, 2009


Anyone who knows me knows my love for dogs.  A photo that I took my junior year of high school has randomly been getting a lot of attention the last few days on flickr.  It was an illustration of the saying “Hair of the Dog” it was also the first photo I ever took with a hasselblad.

RYale_-Hair of the Dog

This photo was a visualization of the saying “Hair of the Dog”

The saying goes that if you drink too much at night you should take a shot of what you drank last night in the morning to cure your hangover. The saying comes from an old legend that if you are bitten by a dog, a hair from the dog that bit you will cure you.

Here are some of my other favorite dog photographs that I’ve taken. 






Central_Park_9.20-10 Funny_Rheana-2 Funny_Rheana-9

September 29, 2009

Favor Please!

Hey everyone,

So I was hoping you could do me a favor- I found this cool photo contest about fighting global warming and unfortunately the contest has been going on for a month and I didn’t know so I am late to the game. The contest is based on votes then the winners are picked from the photos in the top 20 are picked by the judges. There hasn’t been much voting, so some of the top photos have only a few votes. You have to sign up to vote, but it doesn’t take long. There is only one day left in the contest-tomorrow (Tuesday)- so if you could take the 5 minutes and vote I’d appreciate it! I submitted a few photos, you can vote on them all or just the ones you like!