December 25, 2009

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas
Merry Christmas to everyone out there! I may be a jew through and through but we like a little christmas cheer too! I had a wonderful hannukah, although most of it was spent in bed with my mucinex bottle and cup of noodles so there aren’t any photos of this years hannukah. This was taken at the Grove in Los Angeles a few years ago and it just makes me feel so warm and festive inside. I will probably spend most of tomorrow at home trying to get as healthy as possible before Mexico!

Happy Holidays everyone! Stay healthy and have a happy end of the decade!

December 23, 2009


Ears are popping, bumpy plane ride, but happy to be home sweet home.

RYale_Los Angeles

December 21, 2009

Best Seller!

I just got my second royalty statement in from Getty Images and for the second month in a row I sold images!  So exciting!  All the sales this month were abroad in Japan, Indonesia, England, and Germany.  I know I have a few international readers, so if your reading my blog from any of those countries and see my images somewhere let me know!  I also had the same image sell this month and last, which means I officially have a best seller! (yay!)

I’m also feeling a lot better today and will definitely be heading to Mexico on Saturday so expect some fun photos coming your way in the new year!

So anyone in Indonesia, pick up a copy of Globe Asia and look out for this image and then tell me about it!


Polar Bear Hunting on Ice Flows, Svalbard